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Low pressure treatment methods

Low pressure and low blood pressure, or hypotension, is defined as a condition in which blood
pressure on the walls of blood vessels decreases by less than the lowest natural value for pressure, and despite the difference in this value medically, it is estimated in this case by lower systolic blood pressure than 90 milliliters of mercury, and diastolic blood pressure of 60 milliliters of mercury, and it should be noted that low blood pressure is not a health problem if it is not accompanied by symptoms that may affect the health of a member of the body, and is more common in sports people, and maintain their body fitness and ideal weight. , Non-smokers, b To add that low blood pressure helps reduce the risk of certain health problems, such as stroke, heart disease, and kidney disease.

Low blood pressure treatment:
Eat the right amounts of salt:
Whereas our bodies need daily to receive an appropriate amount of salt in order to perform their tasks correctly and balance fluids and protect the body from low blood pressure, according to the health department of the United States, the average amount that a person should consume daily of salt is the amount of a teaspoon or about 2300 mg of sodium, But if you exercise regularly or are experiencing symptoms of low blood pressure, you must increase the amount of salt intake, and this is of course under the supervision of the attending physician. Additional treatments for low blood pressure include sports drinks or medical moisturizing powders such as the point medication that contains ml H and potassium

Eat smaller meals regularly:
As some people who eat a lot of carbohydrate meals may experience a sudden drop in blood pressure immediately after they finish eating, which is known as low blood pressure after eating, which is a type of low orthostatic blood pressure, and there is only treatment for this type, which is eating smaller and less meals in The number of carbohydrates during the day plus a healthy light snack between meals.

Change positions slowly:
There is one way to combat these symptoms is to change positions slowly, since after waking up from sleep do not move to a standing position directly, but instead move slowly to put yourself in a sitting position keeping your legs as they are stretched on the bed and settle this position for a time no less It takes about 60 seconds to allow your body to adjust and then stay seated, but slowly slide your feet out of bed and hold this position for a minute or two before standing upright.

Taking into account the possession of compression socks:
Adding compression stockings to your wardrobe is a quick home remedy for low blood pressure, as these socks may not be necessary for fashion, but they reduce symptoms of hypotension dramatically by adding pressure on the legs and this pressure in turn helps to increase blood movement throughout the entire body, just as Compression socks are also known as a treatment to prevent leg clots.

Add coffee to your diet:
Drinking a cup of coffee, cola or caffeinated tea is a quick-acting treatment for low blood pressure. It helps in the movement of blood circulation, and drinking caffeine alongside meals helps to fight against low orthostatic blood pressure.

Drink more fluids:
Urging that dehydration is the primary responsible for many of the events of low blood pressure, so consuming more fluids is a critical treatment to prevent low blood pressure, so increasing the intake of water in addition to electrolytic drinks such as coconut water may help prevent symptoms and it is a quick treatment. For low blood pressure that you can try at home.

Try licorice roots:
It is considered a herbal remedy that can be considered as a way to treat low blood pressure. This herb works to support the adrenal gland function and regulate blood pressure. You can find licorice roots in the form of capsules, tablets, powders and even in the form of tea, but if you take medications that help increase Blood thinners, potassium-containing medicines, or any other blood pressure medications if you should consult your physician first.