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Learn the best recipes for thickening eyebrows

The dense eyebrows today are fashionable, which is widespread among famous people, so we may find many girls rushing to find ways to help make their eyebrows thicker and thicker, and if you are one of these girls, and you have thin, sparse eyebrows, and in the same you do not You trust the products that are sold in the commercial centers, and luckily for you there are many ways that you can get them from nature, based on helping you to obtain dense and strong eyebrows, and some of them also help stimulate the growth of your eyebrows hair, and we will show this article a list for you from Those natural recipes that you can Being prepared inside your home will help you get the look you want in your eyebrows within weeks.

Natural ways to intensify the eyebrows:

Almond oil recipe:
As almond oil helps nourish your eyebrows, it also helps to stimulate its growth, because it contains many vitamins that contribute to hair intensification, including vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E, and is done by bringing an appropriate amount of sweet almond oil, and complete How to prepare by applying almond oil to your eyebrows, and massaging them with it in the form of circular motions, and leave the oil for a whole night on your eyebrows, then in the morning wash them out of the oil well, and repeat this method once per night, until you get the best results.

Vitamin E oil:
As this vitamin oil stimulates the growth of your eyebrows hair, and strengthens the weak from it, it also helps to reduce any factors that may lead to a low level of growth in the hair of your eyebrows; this reason is because this oil contains substances that make it anti-oxidant, to open A capsule of vitamin E oil, then put the oil on your eyebrows and massage them into it and continue this for a few minutes, put the oil on your eyebrows for a whole night, then in the morning wash them out of the oil well, and repeat this recipe once every night before you go to sleep .

Coconut oil with lemon peel:
Lemon peel helps clean the closed pores, and helps stimulate the air circulation in your eyebrows hair follicles. And while coconut oil provides your eyebrows with the nutrients necessary to stimulate healthy hair growth, it is done through one grain of lemon, and three tablespoons of Coconut oil, and the preparation method is done by peeling the lemon, then cut the peels, and put the coconut oil on the cut lemon peels, and then cover the mixture tightly, and leave the mixture covered in a dark place, and cool for up to 14 days. Apply a little of that mixture to your eyebrows after the period has ended, and leave it for a whole night, and in the morning to wash it well, and repeat using this mixture once every night before you go to sleep.
Onion juice recipe:
Onion juice helps to intensify the hair of your eyebrows, and the speed of their growth, as onion contains sulfur that helps stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps the growth of eyebrows hair, in addition to that it helps to make the hair follicles strong and healthy, and is done through one grain of onions Small size, and by grinding the onion seed to extract the juice from it, massage your eyebrows with this juice and continue to massage for up to five minutes, allow the onions on your eyebrows to dry completely, then wash it with a mild detergent with cold water. Repeat this method once per day, and continue for a few weeks until you get the result you want.

Castor oil :
Castor oil is one of the best recipes recommended for thickening eyebrows and working to grow them quickly, it helps nourish hair follicles, stimulates their growth, and there is an appropriate amount of castor oil, and is done by immersing a piece of cotton in castor oil, and then put it on Your eyebrows. Rub your eyebrows with the oil using your fingertips, and continue to massage for up to two or three minutes. Leave the oil on your eyebrows for up to 30 minutes, or leave it overnight, wash your eyebrows with warm water, and repeat this method once per day, and it would be appropriate if you did it before you went to sleep.