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Home natural methods for treating sinus headaches

Sinusitis leads to a group of annoying symptoms, including sinus headaches, where the person feels severe headache, and the sinuses are air-filled voids located behind the bridge of the nose, and when the sinuses become infected with infections caused by allergies and infection, they swell and cause Feeling of severe pain and dizziness, and excess pressure in the sinuses leads to severe headache in this head, and this condition is called sinus headache, and this pain increases when suddenly moving the head or bending forward the forehead, and through our article we will explain the most important household methods T help you to get rid of a sinus headache.

Methods for treating sinus headaches

The use of ginger:
As ginger contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, hot ginger tea is a soothing treatment for headaches, and it also reduces the pressure caused by inflamed sinuses, and it also helps relieve and reduce symptoms caused by sinusitis such as sore throats, especially when adding A little honey to ginger tea, and the pungent flavor of ginger helps reduce pain caused by sinus pressure and reduces the symptoms of runny nose.

Eat chicken soup:
It is not only considered from the old habits, but it is very useful for cold and sinus conditions, and there are many studies that have proven the benefits of chicken soup in reducing congestion and flu symptoms, and there is a study that showed that chicken soup reduces the inflammation associated with sinus congestion and The common cold that causes headaches, and the hot chicken soup and the steam that comes from it, acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, which helps clean the sinuses and reduce their symptoms.

Warm compresses:
As it is considered one of the other home remedies to relieve the symptoms of sinuses, including headache is to put warm compresses on the face, and these compresses warm the nasal passages and remove the stuffy nose, and cold compresses can be used alternately with warm because it is also useful in reducing the pain of sinus pressure .

Standing under warm water saturated with steam and deep breathing is helpful in opening the nasal passages and getting rid of the accumulated mucus, the steam here works as a salt solution, as the heat soothes the sinuses, and this treatment is useful at the beginning of the day, as the morning sinus headache It is often due to the stuffy nasal passages that were blocked the night before during the wild dressing, and you should be careful and do not stay in the steam bath for a long time in order not to get dizzy and dizzy.

Exposure to cold, wet air:
The dry air that passes through the nasal passages, which causes irritation and the formation of a lot of mucus, and to avoid irritation and to alleviate the symptoms of sinuses at night, turn on the conditioner or fan to moisturize the air during sleep, and cold, moist air reduces snoring also.

hot food:
What happens is a runny nose after eating spicy food, and use this feature to relieve sinus headaches, and eating hot food liquefies the nose and thus relieves you from the mucus accumulated in the nose, which reduces the pressure resulting from the sinuses, and that hot pepper contains the substance Kapassin, which is believed It relieves pain in a natural way.
Drink more fluids:
Drinking fluids, such as water and hot drinks, helps in thinning mucus and thus easy to get rid of, and it also relieves the pain of sinus pressure by softening and moistening the sinuses, not to mention the benefits of drinking fluids for the body and the skin in particular.

Cinnamon is one of the spices that contain anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be mixed with honey and taken to relieve symptoms of sinuses such as headache and sore throat, or you can make a paste consisting of cinnamon and water and put it on the forehead to relieve headache pain. This method is a magic remedy that relieves you of headaches as soon as you put the dough on the forehead.

Salt solution spray:
It is another way to reduce sinus symptoms. Petit Pot needs skill in use, but a salt solution spray is easy to use as it helps reduce inflammation and cleans the nasal passages inside the nose. The salt solution helps the cilia and small hairs inside the nose move the mucus and allergens from the nose.