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Foods that cause infections and you should be careful:

There are some foods that we think are nutritious and beneficial, but in fact they are foods that cause inflammation, and that they are a strong aid in increasing infections and this is due to providing them with more preservatives and additives that make them usable for a longer period, but in fact they are causing increased infections and harmful, especially for diabetics Below we will display these foods:

A food group that causes inflammation:

Dairy products :
The milk is specially formulated so that young calves gain more weight and because we do not need to gain weight quickly and therefore we do not need in dairy but from where we gain calcium, mostly that the calcium that we need for bone health comes from plants containing this element and not from dairy Just as is common as dairy leads to an increase in inflammation in the body, especially canned foods and added preservatives.

Sugar :
All we think is that sugar is a natural substance because it is a product of sugar cane, but in reality this is not true as sugar cane cells are removed during the refining process, but it retains few mineral elements such as iron, and industrial sweets have many diseases, not to mention weight gain.

Refined grains:
You should avoid eating refined grains completely as well as sweetened foods because they are harmful to health and help to increase inflammation, and therefore do not eat pasta more than once a week and also reduce the consumption of refined grains in white bread and pizza also because the assumptions in eating them cause inflammation.

 Meat of animals fed grains:
The meat of animals that feed on grains are unhealthy and pathogenic, as the lives of these animals are preserved to keep them alive through antibiotics, hormones, and some other drugs that these animals take. When we eat the meat of these animals, all the toxins in them are transmitted to us and thus affect Negatively on our health.
Tropical fruits:
Cause infections because they contain fructose sugar higher than other fruits, so eating fruits such as bananas, oranges, people, mangoes and papaya should be limited to once a week, especially for people who suffer from diabetes. Some people eat bananas a lot because it contains a high percentage of potassium But you can get this ingredient from some other fruits and plants.

Bad fats:
As vegetable oils such as soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil and partially hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats should be avoided because they are very harmful to health and cause many diseases.