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Benefits of sodium for the body, hair and skin, and symptoms of its decrease

Sodium ions are among the essential elements in the enzymes process, muscle contraction and also helps to balance fluids in the body, and include other health benefits of sodium as it improves the performance of the heart and nervous system and absorption of glucose, and sodium is one of the ions that dissolve electricity in the body The body always needs to regulate blood, and its deficiency causes many health problems for the body. It also helps to regulate fluids and transmit electrical signals in the body, unlike metals and proteins.

Sodium benefits for the body:
  • Sodium is an essential component of any balanced diet, but it may cause stomach cancer and high blood pressure. Therefore, those who suffer from kidney disease should avoid eating sodium because there is no health risk, and sodium is a vital component for regulating cell and nervous system activity, and when eating Sodium supplements can treat sweating, sunstroke, or adrenal problems. And when sodium is excreted regularly in the urine does not pose any danger.
  • Sodium is an important mineral and is found in table salt. Sodium is 40% different from other minerals in the sense that it has a special taste and taste, as the body needs sodium to regulate fluids, blood pressure, nerves, muscle cramps, and pH balance.
Symptoms of sodium deficiency:
  • It should be known that the recommended amount is about 120 mg per day and when the body does not get enough sodium, some reactions such as irritation, nervous system problems, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, low blood pressure and lethargy, and weight loss will occur, And tension, dizziness, and muscle irritation.

  • Although sodium deficiency causes a lot of problems, excess sodium intake can cause high blood pressure, tissue infections, and coma.
  • Also, when the amount of sodium is low, it works to reduce fat in all areas of the body. In addition, the increase in sodium in the body may lead to lung infections. In general, the lack of sodium is a call to many diseases that cause fatigue.
Soyum health benefits:
Sodium helps balance sodium:
Where sodium is one of the minerals that help in the regulation of fluids in the human body, the balance of water in the body is closely related to sodium and sodium ions help to pump water into cells and regulate fluids outside the cells in the body.

Helps protect from the effects of heat stroke:
As it is produced due to the lack of regulation of heat in the body, it may occur due to continuous exposure to high temperatures and this exposure causes the body to lose its ability to maintain the normal temperature and this problem may be exacerbated by the body losing water and salt, as sodium plays a vital role in preventing strokes The sun and heat exhaustion and you can get a sufficient amount of sodium when eating mango juice, especially after exercising.

Sodium resists aging diseases:
Where sodium is included in many anti-aging cosmetic products, and it prevents the occurrence of the effect of free radicals that accelerate the appearance of signs of aging, in addition to that it helps the skin to rejuvenate.

Sodium keeps the heart healthy:
Where sodium helps in contractions of the heart muscle, and plays a vital role in maintaining blood pressure, but the increase in the amount of sodium has serious complications on blood pressure, in addition that sodium chloride or table salt is very useful in polishing teeth and reduces bad breath.

Sodium benefits for the skin:
  1.  It is widely used in skin cleansers and moisturizers and is included in the percentage of moisturizing products for sensitive skin.
  2. It is known as table salt, and it is used as a preservative and antiseptic in cosmetics and skin care products as it is an active ingredient in the manufacture of oral cleaning products, shampoo, perfumes, cleaning and cosmetics, because it helps to increase the viscosity of the liquid.
  3. It is mainly used in the manufacture of soap, shampoo and toothpaste, as it is a strong substance to get rid of oils and fats and helps increase the foaming of the soap, because it has anti-bacterial and microbial properties and is an effective component in preventing infection with germs and also as a system because it is a light substance used in child care products and although it disposes Of the fatty substances, they often get rid of the oily barrier on the skin and may lead to dry skin and an increased risk of eczema and dermatitis.
Sodium benefits for hair:

  1. Natural salt will be used to increase the viscosity of shampoo and conditioner. It is preferred when washing hair to dilute the shampoo with water because the excess amount of sodium chloride leads to the scalp getting rid of oils and may itch and make the scalp dry.
  2. It is used when washing hair effectively to remove excess impurities, and is used to remove sebum, an oily substance secreted by the skin to maintain skin hydration.
  3. You can get this substance from coconut oil, which is a very safe material, and it helps to get rid of impurities and dirt without leaving any side effects, and this is the reason behind using it in making shampoo.