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The best ways to get rid of nervousness

Nervousness is a negative characteristic that makes a girl socially undesirable, as people avoid dealing with her for fear of her reactions, and her hasty actions that lack wisdom and responsibility, and nervousness also returns with poor health effects on a person who is very angry, and there are many factors that cause nervousness, including Lack of self-confidence, exposure to many psychological pressures in different aspects of life, a feeling of fear and tension over something, and frequent disagreements with others, and nervousness is a factor that destroys a person's healthy and social life, and surrendering to it frees The individual is to lead a healthy life of calm and tranquility, but overcoming it is not impossible, and this will be explained in this article, in addition to mentioning how to deal with the nervous person in order to reduce his nervousness.

The nervous person:
He is the irritable person, so that he gets angry quickly and gets out of his feeling involuntarily, and he is a very sensitive person who gets angry from simple situations some people may see that it does not call for anger, just as the nervous person is a person who is unable to control himself and control him, and when he gets angry, words come out of him without being He feels that she was not going to leave him while he is calm, and the nervous person likes to control those around him by giving them instructions, and he gets angry if someone objects to his orders or if his instructions are not implemented, and people see that the nervous person is the one who creates problems from nothing, and this is what makes them avoid dealing with it For fear of his rage and mistreatment.
How to treat nervousness:
First, the person must know that nervousness is a negative trait, and if he wants to get rid of it, he must have a strong will and determination that will help him to do so, then he must identify the causes and problems that make him a nervous person, so that he will be able to get rid of them, while some advice that helps Get rid of nervousness:

Setting goals:
A person must define his goals in life, get rid of trivial matters that dominate his thinking and distract him from achieving his goals, and if he feels that he will be agitated and lose his temper on a trivial thing, let him remind himself of his priorities and matters important to him so that he accomplishes it to the fullest, and this is what will It makes him keep his cool as long as possible, and he must also think about the people he loves to stay away from pressure, and lose the sense of loneliness.

There is no superpower:
It is well known that there is no superhero that can do everything alone, so one must stop believing that he is super powerful because this is what makes him fall under the influence of great pressure, and he must also get rid of his desire to control all things at the expense of His health.

 A person's time belongs to him: one must set a schedule for himself to complete the daily tasks, to give himself enough time to complete his actions and reach his goals, and he must not darken himself if something urgent happens that leads to delaying his accomplishment, and he must also start his morning with vigor and eating A healthy breakfast, and he remembers that calm is what makes him achieve his goals, and that excitement will not lead him to what he wants.

 Not giving up easily:
He loves the person to remember that no matter how he becomes angry and bursts with anger, this will not change the course of events around him, as he must not give in to nervousness, or make his anger erupt for the simplest of things, and avoiding those who are disappointed is an important step, and one must avoid sitting with frustrated people or those Those who discourage him, and if he is forced to sit with them, he should not give them much attention, nor make them influence him.

Get some rest:
One has to pamper himself, relax, get enough rest, and recover from time to time; until he moves away from work stress, anxiety and tension, which will cause him to finish his work quietly and at a specific time, and no benefit from nervousness, one must realize that no Benefit from nervousness and constant emotion, on the contrary, it reduces its activity and vitality, and causes him many diseases.

Focus on the best:
In order for a person to take this step, he must have conscious thinking that leads him to where he wants, and to implement the idea he must think about the things he loves when he is at his best, i.e. when he feels energetic and enthusiastic, then he conjures it up when the feeling of anger begins, and he gets rid of all the annoying fears, suspicions and things that cause nervousness .

Positive thinking:
Since many of the things that are angry are thinking that things will not go as they should, and some believe that they protect themselves when they think of the worst results that can happen, they think that assuming the worst can not be hurt when the bad actually happens, but the truth is that thinking Be it positive or negative, it will never protect against bad results; therefore it is advised to keep positive thinking, enjoy life and relax.

How to deal with a nervous person:
The many life situations one has in dealing with nervous persons, therefore moving away from them and avoiding sitting with them is not a logical solution, and it is imperative to deal with them in a good way that reduces their nervousness, and if one has to deal with nervous people here are some tips that he must follow:
  1. Be patient when dealing with a nervous person: you must listen to his views, choose the appropriate time to discuss it, and if it generates a feeling that he has begun to become angry, it is better to end the dialogue with him or postpone it for a better time.
  2.  Knowing the causes: As it is considered successful things in dealing with the nervous person, knowing the reasons that make him angry to avoid them, and his provocation must be avoided.
  3.  Not lying to avoid nervousness: since admitting a sin that he did not commit to calm the situation will make the situation worse, so it is better to withdraw quietly, and choose the appropriate time to explain the situation simply.
  4. Asking for help: If the nervous person is a close person, and he is constantly dealing with him, then a specialist must be sought, that helps in his understanding and knowing the appropriate way to deal with him.
  5. The threat of separation: The threat to a friend or partner of separation may be a motivation for him to reduce the severity of his nervousness, by telling him that he will withdraw from his life to maintain his psychological calm, as this may be an incentive to change the nervous person from the severity of his temper.