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Signs of collagen deficiency , its benefits in the body and how it can be strengthened in your body

Collagen is a type of fibrous protein, and it is formed from a group of amino acids that are made inside the body. Collagen enters the synthesis of most tissues, and it is the most naturally abundant protein in the body, where it constitutes 30% of the entire body and 75% of the skin, except that it With age, its production decreases in the body, which negatively affects the body's ability to repair and renew itself. It may ultimately cause changes in appearance, flexibility, strength and function, as previously mentioned; the body's ability to produce collagen decreases at a rate of 1.5% annually After the age of twenty-five, the ko fibers become Lagin is fragile and weak, which causes weakening of the connective tissues responsible for skin firmness, as well as the relaxation of the fine muscles in the skin, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and skin problems, and there are more than 20 different types of collagen in your body, and each group has specific functions, on For example some collagen is necessary to maintain the health of the internal organs while another type is needed to have smooth skin.

 Reasons for collagen deficiency in your body:
  1.  The first most common cause is aging, which is why skin wrinkles as you age.
  2.  Another reason makes collagen less likely if it is exposed to too much sunlight.
  3.  Finally, connective tissue diseases and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, can cause collagen to deteriorate in the body.
Does your body lack collagen?
Because collagen is used by multiple systems in the body, a wide range of symptoms can appear at a deficiency and affect several parts, including the following:
  •  Cartilage: It is known as the thin tissue joints that envelop and form the tip of the nose and ears. Therefore, cartilage is necessary in the body. However, because cartilage depends on collagen, when collagen deficiency can stabilize the joints, stiffness of the joints and even joint pain.
  • Teeth: Collagen is also important in stabilizing the teeth on the gums, and without a sufficient amount of collagen, the gums may begin to recede and the teeth will subside. This usually leads to dental pain, sensitive teeth, and even early tooth loss.
  •  Muscle: Like cartilage, muscles also use collagen as cement for bone heads, and those with collagen deficiency often complain of muscle aches.
  • Hair: There are many physical methods for detecting whether you have collagen deficiency or not, which is looking at your hair, so where collagen fills the voids around the hair follicles, and when there is not enough collagen, the nutrients are not delivered to the hair follicle and falling off The result is, in addition, collagen fights free radicals that destroy your hair texture, thickness and growth.
  •  Wrinkles: As collagen gives the skin cells strength and structure, it is no wonder that collagen deficiency may cause the skin to lose elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As we mentioned before, collagen production diminishes with age but UV rays and other roots Free will accelerate the formation of wrinkles.
  • . Cellulite: It is surprising that cellulite is not just lines under the skin, but it is also due to a lack of collagen because without this protein the skin will begin to wrinkle, and when collagen levels are low it is not surprising that the skin is weak and thin and may be easily damaged or trapped in excess of The questioner.
Symptoms of collagen deficiency after age 50:
Collagen is the structural protein that binds the skin and other parts of the body, and begins to deteriorate with time and age, which gradually leads to a number of health concerns, and after the age of forty the signs of collagen deficiency begin to appear significantly. With collagen accounting for 30% Of cells in the body, so it can cause dizziness from problems as it begins to decrease. Here are some signs that you are suffering from collagen deficiency after the age of fifty and may need treatment.

Joint pain:
Where collagen plays an important role in motor function, and when it begins to deteriorate it reduces the strength of your joints, and this can lead to excessive friction, which can gradually turn into arthritis., A 2000 study from Case Western Reserve University, Department of Rheumatic diseases that collagen supplementation can play an important role in reversing joint pain and slowing the development of arthritis.
Wrinkles are natural symptoms of aging, and occur when collagen stores begin to deplete, leading to skin loss to some of its structure. Fortunately, new research indicates that wrinkles caused by low collagen levels can be treated, provided that you take the correct collagen supplements under the supervision of a doctor, and have shown One study states that these supplements can boost collagen levels by up to 65%.
Blood pressure problems:
As it causes collagen walls consisting of collagen, and as you begin to deteriorate as you age, it may be difficult for your body to regulate blood flow, and you will begin to suffer from a number of symptoms associated with abnormal blood pressure, such as: frequent headaches, and chest pain , Dizziness, and fatigue While most people take collagen supplements to deal with aesthetic problems caused by aging, it can be said that abnormal blood pressure is one of the most serious problems caused by collagen deficiency, and it can significantly reduce the quality of your life if treatment is not received Fitting, the American Heart Association reported that planar Low collagen is usually associated with low blood pressure, and this means that patients can correct their low blood pressure problems with collagen supplements.However, patients should follow collagen treatments carefully under the supervision of a trained health care provider, because they can develop high blood pressure problems if they do not. Be careful.

How can you boost collagen levels in your body:
Low collagen levels can cause many problems as you age, and these problems start at the age of thirty, but they are especially severe at the age of 50, and luckily there are many ways you can reduce or even reverse the problems caused by low collagen Here are some tips to make up for collagen deficiency:
  1.   Body massage: It has been shown that massage stimulates collagen production, and you should go to a massage specialist who knows how to obtain collagen from massaging certain parts of the body.
  2.  Taking collagen supplementation: as collagen supplementation can also play an important role in promoting and raising collagen levels in the body, however it is important that you take it under the supervision of a trusted healthcare expert, otherwise, you may encounter problems due to the presence of too much collagen, which can Lead to heart attacks and high blood pressure.
  3. Increased levels of fatty acids: as one of the reasons caused by low collagen problems is more common these days is that society has focused heavily on reducing fat consumption in the diet, however fat actually plays an important role in collagen production, and it may be that It is necessary to increase the consumption of fats in food, but moderately.
Collagen health and aesthetic benefits:
 Helps improve blood circulation, as it promotes wound healing, reduces arthritis pain, and aesthetic collagen benefits - helps promote hair growth, delays the appearance of wrinkles, maintains skin elasticity, gives it a youthful appearance, and gets rid of white strings and cellulite in The body, softens and softens the skin, giving the lips and cheeks a fuller look.

Collagen fibers give strength and structure to many different parts of the body, and it is one of the major extracellular matrix components, which is a distinctive feature of connective tissues in humans and other mammals, and collagen is necessary to preserve the freshness of the skin and the wrinkles diluted, but it is also necessary for the elasticity of the tissue Connective skin, allowing it to expand and contract without damage