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Shoulder stiffness is a common condition when a person experiences persistent stiffness and shoulder
pain that can last at least several weeks, and it is more likely that pain will develop when inflammation increases around the shoulder due to the lack of movement of the shoulder or stretching problems and shoulder flexion usually, as this usually happens When a person recovers from injury, out of surgery, arthritis, or suffers from limited movement resulting from a stable lifestyle, you can also resort to early treatment of stiffness in the shoulder by practicing exercises that target the shoulder muscles and are usually stretching exercises, applying antigens Natural inflammation p I have a shoulder All of these methods help control symptoms and prevent their exacerbation, according to reports of the Harvard Medical School, and older people can suffer from other medical conditions that affect the level of pain such as diabetes, thyroid problems, they are more likely to experience shoulder stiffness Therefore, they should control this condition from a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of infection and complications.

 Symptoms of shoulder stiffness:
  • Feeling of stiffness in and around the shoulder and this usually occurs in one shoulder and becomes more likely to feel pain again in the same shoulder, however, the American Physiotherapy Association stated that people who suffer from shoulder stiffness in one arm make up 20-30% and have an opportunity to develop the disease In the other arm as well.
  • Suffering from muscle and joint pain, bone pain around the shoulders and arms and becoming restricted in movement such as difficulty in raising the arm in a natural way, inability to wear clothes properly, inability to drive, difficulty in carrying things in front of you, difficulty sleeping naturally.

Natural methods to treat shoulder stiffness:

You use hot compresses:
Where about suffering from shoulder inflammation, especially after exercise, you can use cold compresses to relieve any inflammation, or just put cold compresses for at least 10 minutes on the affected shoulder, and when you feel relaxed you can use hot compresses or a thermal cream to relieve muscle tension around the shoulder joint, and put compresses Warm for 15 minutes you need to shower in warm water or a bath with Epsom salt and start moving the shoulder gently in small circular motions whenever possible, and you can create warm compresses or use a heating pad.

Physiotherapy that includes massage:
In order to continue moving the stiff shoulder gradually, the key to this condition is massage, as this helps you control pain naturally through home remedies using essential oils and other muscle relaxants, and you can try to use mint oil on the affected shoulder to stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation Reducing pain, controlling swelling and improving range of motion.

Reducing inflammation and preventing complications:
To be able to control pain and inflammation in the long run and prevent recurrent infections, try to focus on eating a diet and taking anti-inflammatory supplements and improving recovery, and include anti-inflammatory and herbal supplements such as turmeric, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and contain foods that help you resist Inflammation All kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, foods rich in probiotics (yogurt, kefir, vegetables), minced beef, wild fish, lean eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil.

You also need to practice relaxation techniques for 10 - 30 minutes, such as meditation, to help you relieve any nervous activity that may contribute to pain and tension in the shoulder, and relaxation will help you get more than one session of physical therapy and reduce levels of tension, managing pain naturally While improving the quality of sleep.
Mustard oil :
It is useful in treating shoulder stiffness because the natural synthesis of mustard oil is very useful in increasing the strength of the shoulder muscles and thus providing useful relief for the shoulder, and not only that it helps in reducing pain and swelling in the shoulder. Gently massaging the shoulder with warm mustard oil for 4 minutes helps you in Reducing shoulder stiffness.

 Garlic oil and coconut oil:
Garlic oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory so that you can control the pain and stiffness that occurs in the shoulder muscles, so it is better to massage the affected area in the shoulder with garlic oil to get immediate relief, and you must repeat this treatment daily, as coconut oil is effective in Offering relief due to the presence of a number of beneficial nutrients and nutrient properties in coconut oil that increases the strength of the shoulder and its anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain and inflammation in the shoulder area, and gently massage the shoulder with coconut oil to get relief.