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How to overcome the negative effects of technology on sleep

We are experiencing tremendous development in the field of technology, and this technology has affected our lives in a negative or positive way, as a result of which it affected the way of life we ​​live in and we have become heavily dependent on it, and man is still in continuous development. We still hear daily about discoveries and inventions reached by scientists, technology spread in all regions and man became used at all times, no longer limited to work and in advanced societies, but anyone, whatever his cultural or social level, or even whatever his age, can use For example, cell phone and take pictures and send and receive, and the most important tips that you can use in order to maintain the use of technology during the routine evening without affecting it at your own sleep cycle you.

Using electronic devices in a room other than the bedroom:
It is better for your bedroom to remain the only room for rest and sleep. Bringing electronic devices to your bedroom means that this place is transformed into a place of mental stimulation and tension instead of relaxing, which causes insomnia. And therefore the presence of a computer, mobile phone or TV Or any electronic device on the bed, makes it difficult to resist the use of these devices, and you can do an experiment to evacuate the bedroom from the devices
All kinds of electronic devices, until you discover the improvement that will happen to the nature of your sleep.

Limiting the use of technology to only one device:
Sometimes you find yourself watching TV, browsing your laptop and texting on the phone at the same time, but it is time to avoid multiple tasks at one time, as all this stimulation hurts your mind and makes you feel tired and produces severe adverse consequences, and If you want to watch TV, then just watch TV, and after this is done if you want to browse social networking sites, just do so., Just use one Takroni device at a time, no more, no less.
Do not sleep near the phone:
There are many people convinced that their phones should be kept close to them in the bedroom, because they need to use the alarm feature on the phone to wake them up in the morning. But this makes it easy to browse the phone just before waking up, and the phone should be kept in the living room or The kitchen is away from the bedrooms and getting an alarm to wake you up, and this is not expensive at all.

Download software that limits special blue light for any screen:
Most modern computers and mobile phones automatically adjust the screen brightness to match the amount of light in the environment around it. And this is a good and good thing, especially when you sit in a dark room, but that does not limit the bright blue light that emits From the screen, and this blue light is known to affect the body's biological clock, causing insomnia and delayed bedtime, so download the F.lux program which is a well-known and free program available for most computer operating systems such as Windows and Mac, this program adjusts Screen lighting dyes according to time.

Obtaining blue glasses to block light:
Unfortunately, the F.lux program is not available for mobiles, and it cannot work on other devices such as television, and in these cases, it is best to get glasses that block the blue light of the screen, and these glasses are available on electronic purchase sites such as Amazon and are inexpensive. In terms of price, you may feel strange when wearing these glasses for the first time, but it is a small sacrifice in order to enjoy the use of electronic devices late at night before going to sleep.

Do not use electronic devices before bedtime:
Watching comedies on TV or playing some Sudoku on the mobile before bed so that it helps you relax after a long work day, is not harmful. And while checking the email or trying to finish the work before bed, it will make it difficult for your mind to relax and dive in sleep, In the event that you must work at night, be sure to finish your work before bed for a period of at least an hour or two, in order to give the opportunity to lick you and your body to relax and calm before going to sleep.