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Essential oils for treating headache

Headache is a common disease where millions of people suffer from it every day, and there are many causes for headache, including stress, allergies, fatigue, hormones, pathologies, lack of nutrition, low blood pressure, as well as drugs and alcohol, and it is necessary to know the cause of the headache in order to be able From knowing the effective treatment for him, and one of the ways to get rid of headaches is taking a medication for the headache because it has a rapid effect in treating headaches, but this treatment is a temporary treatment for a short period and may cause headache pain to worsen after that because this solution does not address the root of the problem The best treatment for a headache problem is natural essential oils, and these oils help It can treat the headache problem effectively from the roots instead of temporarily reducing the pain. In addition to that it has no side effects when used, and you can fully control the dose appropriate to the type of headache that you have.

Tips on essential oils for treating a headache problem:
Rosemary oil:
Where rosemary oil is used in the treatment of poor blood circulation and headaches as well, because it contains stimuli and analgesics and also anti-inflammatory properties that give a feeling of calm and stimulate alertness, and rosemary oil helps to reduce the tension and emotional spasms that result from it. Headache, and this oil is also considered to aid in the digestion process as it relieves stomach upset that are considered a symptom of severe headache. In order to solve the headache problem, you can add one drop of rosemary oil to a cup of water, tea or a soup dish when you experience headache or headache Halfway.

Peppermint oil:
It is considered one of the natural essential oils that help to treat the headache problem, and it has a long-term effect on the skin and also prevents muscle cramps and stimulates blood flow to the forehead of the head, and mint oil is used by applying the forehead with drops of mint oil with gentle massage and waiting for a period 15 minutes, until the effect of the oil begins, and the peppermint oil gives a cool and refreshing feeling. You must keep the peppermint oil on the forehead until the headache pain finally disappears, then wash your face with cold water at the end.

Lavender oil:
It is considered another natural essential oil that contains a high level of healing and therapeutic properties as it reduces tension and stress, and lavender is a natural analgesic and anti-anxiety and depression and sedative, and it has been proven that lavender greatly treats nerve disorders, and from In order to reduce tension, adjust mood, relieve insomnia and help restful sleep, you should distribute lavender perfume throughout the home or office, or you can apply lavender oil to the neck, neck and back.

eucalyptus oil :
It is considered one of the best oils that treat the headache problem, as camphor oil contains a substance that helps cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful microorganisms. In addition to that it opens the nasal air passages, which relieves pressure on the sinuses that cause the headache, and in a way General Camphor oil promotes the emotional and mood balance of the body, and to use camphor oil in the treatment of headaches, this oil is diluted with 2-4 drops of any other carrier oil such as olive oil, then painted on the chest and the back of the neck, and in this way all The accumulations in the nasal air vents, and help in this Light the tension that causes headaches.

Sunflower oil:
Sunflower is known for its many benefits in brain health because it strengthens and enhances brain tissue. It also helps relieve anxiety and stress as it increases the mind and body temperature. In addition to that it soothes and calms the tight muscles, muscle strain and muscle spasms, and in the case of treating headaches, inhalation of salmon oil added to lavender oil, rose and melissa. This mixture of essential oils is well inhaled by adding it to a napkin or inhaler.

Anti-decongest oils:
You should try some oils that reduce congestion. This way, it relieves headache pain associated with cold symptoms. Anti-decongest oils address the headache problem. Prepare a mixture consisting of 2-3 drops of peppermint oil or camphor oil and add it to hot water. Then cover your head with a towel and inhale the rising water vapor for 10 minutes. The eyes should be closed during inhalation.