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Causes, types and methods of headache

Headache or headache occurs due to the expansion of the blood vessels in the brain; then you press on the sensitive membranes surrounding it, and in the case of brain tumors the tumor presses on the membranes and blood vessels surrounding it inside the skull, and this pressure leads to irritation of the nerves, then a feeling of headache, and if you want Getting rid of a headache and feeling it you have to know the common causes of headaches to avoid and permanently stop the injury, as well as the types of headaches to know the types that you always have and a reason to avoid, and headache is one of the health problems that most people are exposed to, whether adults or children, and headaches arise as a result of causes and years Different, and many people treat themselves with simple analgesics or take some relief, almost everyone suffers from headaches at some point, most headaches do not result from serious conditions, however people are concerned if the headache appears different (when it is very severe or Unusually repeated), and anxiety increases sometimes because headache is a symptom of a brain tumor, in this article we will explain to you the different types of headaches and the causes of headaches.

Types of headache:
  1. Primary headache: It is one of the most common types of headaches, which is tension-related headaches and migraines.
  2. Tension headache: It is caused by tension in the muscles of the head.
  3. Migraines: It is a severe headache that appears with other symptoms.
  4.  Frequent headache: the presence of frequent or alternating headache.
  5.  Cluster headache: It is acute pain in one side of the head, and recurs at certain times.
  6.  Sinus headache: It is acute pain in the front of the head, and is caused by inflammation or swelling of the sinuses.
  7. Headache due to excessive medication: It is a difficult and long-term headache and is the most common type of secondary headache.
  8. Headaches resulting from exercise and physical activity, sexual headache, can become very fast after engaging in strenuous activity such as running, coughing or having sex (intercourse), and tension with bowel movement
Causes of headache:
Sometimes headaches have underlying causes, and treatment of headaches requires knowing the reason to receive appropriate treatment, and people often worry that the headache is caused by a serious illness or because of high blood pressure, both are uncommon causes of headache, in fact hypertension usually does not cause any Symptoms at all:

Chemicals, drugs and material withdrawal from the body:
Headaches can arise as a result of a substance or as a result of its withdrawal from the body, for example, carbon monoxide (which is produced by gas heaters that are not well ventilated), and drinking alcohol (people who drink alcoholic beverages experience headache attacks in the morning), Lack of adequate fluids in the body (dehydration).
Headache due to pain and sinusitis: 
Some parts of the head occur like teeth or ear pain, pain in the jaw joint and neck pain, and nasal sinusitis is one of the common causes of headache. The sinuses are holes in the skull that contain mucous membranes such as The lining of the nose, which produces mucus as a result of colds and allergies, the membranes of the lining may be enlarged, which prevents mucus from flowing out, then becomes thickened and infected, which leads to headaches, often headache of the nasal sinuses occurs in the front of the head as well as in the face and teeth. Worse than When the nose is blocked and lean forward.

Acute sinusitis:
It is the type that quickly comes along with colds and allergies, when excessive use of decongestants or acute sinusitis that does not settle, the sinuses become chronically infected, which leads to chronic swelling of the nasal sinuses.

Cases of acute glaucoma:
 It can cause severe headache, in which case the pressure inside the eyes rises suddenly and this leads to a sudden severe headache behind the eye, it can be very difficult to touch the eye, redness of the eye, the front part of the eye (cornea) becomes dark and the vision is usually unclear .

Brain bleeding (subarachnoid hemorrhage):
Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a very serious condition that occurs when small capillaries explode on the surface of the brain. Patients experience severe headaches and stiffness in the neck and may become unconscious, which is a rare cause of headache.

Meningitis and cerebral infections:
It is inflammation of the surrounding tissues on the surface of the brain, and brain inflammation is an infection that affects the brain itself. The brain infection can be caused by germs, bacteria, viruses or fungi, and it is a rare case of good luck, as it leads to bouts of severe headache, vomiting, inability He has to endure bright light (this is called a photophobia), and it leads to a stiffness in the neck, so he cannot bend the head to touch the chin and chest.

Temporal arteritis (giant cell arteritis):
It results in swelling and inflammation of the arteries behind the eyes, which causes a headache behind the forehead (frontal headache), and the pain is usually in the arteries of the forehead. Because if not treated, it could be due to a sudden loss of sight.

Brain tumors:
Brain tumor is a very uncommon cause for headaches, although most patients who suffer from prolonged, severe or persistent headaches begin to worry, although this may be the cause. Brain tumors can cause headaches, usually headaches resulting from brain tumors. It arises in the morning upon waking up from sleep, the headache gets worse day by day, never fears and never disappears, and it can get worse with coughing and sneezing (it can also be a headache due to sinuses and migraines).

Headache treatment:
  • Exposure to heat or cold: Exposure to heat can be made by taking a warm bath or applying warm water compresses to the back of the head or directly above the neck, either by exposure to cold and by passing a bag of snow on the front or back of the head.
  • Drinking water: dehydration can be a headache, so once you feel it, it is advisable to sit slowly and drink a cup or two of moderate-warm water slowly.
  •  The use of essential oils or herbal drinks: Essential oils such as mint and lavender oil, and herbal drinks such as chamomile, are soothing for the nerves, and relieve headache quickly, and can be used by massaging the painful area of ​​the head, and it is also possible to add a few drops of lemon juice to the water or warm tea.
  • Reducing exposure to computer radiation or television: Sitting for long hours in front of either of them may be a cause of headache, and if there is a need to sit in front of the computer, where you must use spectacles from radiation, and close the eyes for a period of two minutes from time to time in conjunction with pressing it gently with the tips of the finger.
  • Avoid sugary foods: Foods containing artificial sugar or artificial colors may be a reason for a headache, and the solution is to get away from them and replace them with natural fruit.
  • Sleep regulation: staying up long hours during the evening and lack of sleep causes headaches, and the solution here is to give the body a sufficient period of rest and sleep.
  • Avoid chewing gum and iced juices: because along with ice cream, salt, and foods rich in saturated fat are a cause of headaches.