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Causes of bad breath of the navel and ways to clean it.

Sometimes we notice an unpleasant smell in the belly button, despite permanent cleaning and daily showering. What is the reason for this that there are different areas of the body that, due to their shape and nature, have a tendency to have a bad smell, excreta, armpits or navel are clear examples of those areas that if not washed Regularly and in a correct way, this can cause an unpleasant smell, but not only the hygiene or lack thereof is what is behind the possible bad smell in the navel. There are many diseases and conditions that are evident in this matter, and we will talk about the most important reasons that lead To smell bad.

Causes of bad breath
Poor hygiene, the main reason for the bad smell of the navel: due to the shape and nature of the belly button, depending on the conditions, especially when it is deeper and narrower in shape, it can be neglected to clean or difficult to clean, and on the other hand, even if you clean it carefully, there is It is always possible to have moisture inside it, and in any case, whether there is no good cleaning or you are cleaning well, but there is moisture inside the navel, it is very possible that the smell of your navel is bad, and if this is the cause of the bad smell of your navel, you face The easiest case that you can overcome, and you should pay more attention to the cleanliness of your family, and to find So properly it should one Astkhaddan of sticks cotton ear used to clean the ears, and then dried up quietly using a clean towel, and you should know that the cleanliness of the navel is not just to avoid bad smell, but also is a way to prevent infection in the navel.

Inflammation of the navel
Navel inflammation is the most common problem in children than it is in adults, although it is also frequent in adults. It is an infection in the navel navel that causes the appearance of many symptoms such as redness and swelling in the navel and the surrounding area, so it is not natural for There is pus and bad smell, and the liquid that came out is usually transparent or yellowish and pus may appear again, and the most common cause of navel infection is lack of hygiene or inappropriate cleaning, and in adults the infection is usually local and slow developing, and in children Newborns, umbilical inflammation occurs more and more To umbilical cord infection and the area around the umbilicus.
Smell badly in the navel due to bacteria:
Those who have a deep navel may find it difficult to clean the navel, and the truth is that the accumulation of sweat in the navel causes the growth of bacteria inside the navel which causes this unwanted unpleasant smell, and from this point, we must say that obesity is a factor that increases the risk of suffering From the bad smell in the navel, and obesity may also prevent proper cleaning of this area, and the result is that the bacteria will multiply in that hole, and be able, along with the bad smell, to cause pain, discomfort, discharge and even the appearance of the puppy, and. The key to avoiding this is to keep the navel always dry, whether when going out to take a shower or when exercising, and for this information to be always with you, proper cleaning of the navel is a must.

Probability of umbilical fistula:
Many people may not know this, but the truth is that the navel is directly related to the intestine. Indeed, the main task of the navel, when we were inside the womb, is to be a tube through which the mother feeds us, and as soon as we are born and cut the umbilical cord, which forms the node that will form the navel, this channel must be tightly closed. In some cases, the intestinal fistula, which is a link between the navel and the intestine, which causes the navel to prevent the passage of some substances that make its way through the digestive system, and this can be one of the causes of the bad smell of the navel, and it is a common symptom in addition to suppuration and pain in the area surrounding the navel.

Smelly umbilicus: fungi can be!
It is an infection that affects mostly teenagers and young children, although it can also affect adults. This problem can happen to newborns, and in these cases it is due to exposure to vaginal fungi from the mother during childbirth, and the fungi that cause these infections, It is an organism that develops in hot and humid environments, so that the navel becomes the ideal environment for infection. When the infection occurs, various symptoms appear, such as the smell of the navel remaining bad even after it has been cleaned, and yellow secretions appear. There may be pain with some of the secretions.

Navel Cleaning Recipes:

 Medicinal alcohol to clean the navel:
Where it is possible to put some drops of isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in the navel, and leave it for a few minutes until the dirt decomposes, to facilitate the disposal process, and using a cotton stick to clean the ear, the navel must be cleaned of dirt, and this step is repeated if necessary, but it is better to use A new stick when repeated, and the navel dried from the materials using a small towel, or a clean piece of cloth.

 Oxygen water and baby oil:
To prepare an antiseptic solution, equal amounts of oxygen water can be mixed with baby oil, and the ear cleaning stick is dipped with this solution, then the navel is cleaned with a circular motion, and with gentle and gentle rubbing, this method is repeated until the navel is completely cleaned.

Water and salt:
Where a solution consisting of water and salt can be prepared, then put a quantity of it covering the navel, and then a plastic cup must be placed on the navel to cover it, and wait for several minutes, and in this way the navel is cleaned of dirt and bacteria as well, and it should be noted that this method requires the person to be lying down On his back.