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Treating dental pain with prescriptions that relieve pain quickly

Toothache is often due to tooth decay, infection, loose or broken fillings, or gum retraction, as these factors can cause pain and pain in the teeth, which is a very annoying and painful feeling, and a person must maintain his teeth And take care of it on a daily basis, so as not to cause him severe pain that disturbs him, and he must clean it with water and putty three times a day, the first of which is when waking up from sleep and the last immediately before sleep - and the person should reduce eating sweets and stay away from breaking nuts like nuts in them, because in If neglected ways to take care of Bug, the teeth will suffer from caries, which is considered the most prevalent disease among the world's population, in addition to the suffering of the gums from acute infections that are less painful than caries, and the problem increases if the toothache begins in the late night hours so that there are no doctors available in their clinic with this Hours, so the individual searches for ways to treat the problem at home, until the morning comes and goes to the doctor, and we will explain in this article some home remedies that may provide temporary relief from the disturbing feeling of pain, but if the pain persists for more than a day or two, it is best to see A dentist immediately to discover a Cause and treatment of roots.
Home remedy for toothache:
Dental pain is treated with cold pressure or a bag of ice, as it is considered one of the best recipes for treating dental pain is this recipe, but if the pain of toothache continues for more than a day or two, it is better to go to the dentist, but cold pressure or a bag can help Snow relieves tooth pain, especially if the toothache is caused by injury or swelling of the gums, and this is done by someone’s thighs trying to carry an ice pack or a bag of frozen legumes, for example, and put on the outside of the cheek above the painful tooth for a few minutes At one time as the application of cold pressure treatment narrowed the first Hypoplasia, which slows the blood flow to the affected area, this helps to numb the pain and reduce swelling and inflammation.

Mouthwash with salt water and garlic in treating toothache:
Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water helps relieve debris in cavities or between teeth, it may also reduce swelling, promote healing, relieve sore throat, and soothe pain in the teeth, and rinse with salt water by dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm, rinse water Keep it in the mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting, and you can repeat this process as needed. It is also considered important in treating toothache, garlic has been used widely for medicinal purposes throughout history as it contains a compound called allicin, which explains its strong antibacterial properties, and is done by first crushing a fresh garlic clove and then mixing it with a little salt, then This mixture is applied to the affected tooth.

Using mint tea to treat toothache:
Using mint tea may help calm toothache, due to the fact that it contains narcotic properties, as mint contains anesthetic properties that can soothe toothache and it also contains menthol that gives mint its distinct flavor and aroma, also known as antibacterial, and a spoon can be placed A small dried mint leaf in a cup of boiling water and soaked for 20 minutes, then let it cool down and then rinse with it several times. You can also use a warm and slightly moistened tea bag and carry it on the tooth for several minutes until the pain decreases, also can put a few Drops of peppermint oil on a ball of Cotton on the affected tooth as a temporary treatment and helps reduce pain.

Thyme and aloe vera relieve toothache:
Thyme is distinguished by its medical uses, as it is considered an effective treatment to relieve toothache, because it contains thymol, which is considered the main component of essential oils, and it is characterized by antiseptic and anti-fungal properties - and its method of use is done by adding one drop of thyme essential oil to a cup of Water to make mouthwash and rinse it several times. Another way is to spray a few drops of essential oils and water onto a cotton ball and put it on the aching tooth and squeeze it. Aloe vera gel has long been used in succulent plant leaves to treat toothache and to clean and soothe gums. Studies have shown that aloe vera has natural antibacterial properties and can destroy germs that cause tooth decay, and bring aloe vera and a piece Using a sharp knife and trying to extract the aloe vera gel from it, then apply the gel to the painful area of ​​the mouth and gently massage it.
Using cloves to treat toothache:
Clove is an effective treatment to relieve toothache, because it contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can contribute to fighting infections of teeth and gums, and it contains eugenol, a chemical compound that works as a natural anesthetic, and its method can be used by soaking a ball A small cotton ball in clove oil and applied to the area affected by the painful teeth. You can also use dried cloves and chew gently to release its oil and hold it in place over the affected tooth for up to 30 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for dental pain, as it is recommended to rinse your teeth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, an effective antibacterial mouthwash, especially if the toothache is caused by inflammation.

Important instructions to help treat toothache:
It is better to get immediate treatment from the dentist B than to have dental pain lasting more than a day or two. And if dental pain is not treated immediately, this may lead to more serious problems, such as gum disease or tooth abscess, and abscess begins to appear when bacteria infect the deepest part of the tooth called the dental pulp and is considered the best way to prevent toothache or Dental abscesses are to keep teeth and gums healthy as possible. Toothpaste intended for "sensitive teeth" should be used. If you have a problem with contraction of the gums, this may relieve much of the pain you may likely encounter from hot or cold foods, and it is advised to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, for at least two minutes, to reduce foods.

Your toothbrush should be switched to a smoother brush to help maintain gum tissue and prevent further contraction, and if you have broken a tooth or lost a filling, you can relieve some of the pain by covering the exposed area to avoid further discomfort, avoid chewing anything with that tooth until You visit the doctor and you can fix it. Try using the pressure therapy technique to stop the tooth pain quickly by using your thumb. Exercising for a two-minute period helps to release endorphins, which are brain-sensing hormones. You must visit the dentist twice a year to keep your teeth healthy .

Dental function:
Mother of teeth has an important role in the speech process, as it has a fundamental role in the place and digestion of food, and the number of teeth in the mouth of an adult is about 32 years, and it should be noted that one tooth consists of several parts, and the apparent part of the tooth that is not covered is called The gum is the name of the crown, and the crown is covered with a layer called the enamel layer, this layer is in the natural state very solid and sometimes shiny, and its function is to maintain the internal parts of the teeth, and to the bottom of the enamel layer there is the ivory layer, and this layer forms the largest part of the tooth, Although it is considered less The hardness of the enamel layer, but it protects the inner part of the tooth, which is sometimes called pulp, lies the importance of dental pulp milk contains nerve endings and blood vessels that nourish the teeth and maintain their health.