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Methods to get rid of brown spots on the teeth and prevent them

 The appearance of brown spots on the teeth is very common, and people can often prevent or eliminate them by making certain lifestyle changes, and as these spots can vary in color from yellowish brown to black and brown, they can also differ in shape Size, and some people may notice irregular patches, while others have brown lines.

We always try to seek a suitable treatment to whiten brown spots on our teeth, but some of these medical treatments and surgeries waste a lot of time and money. Instead of spending money buying teeth whitening products, you can get a shiny smile only by using easy, fast and natural home remedies to remove stains Build on your teeth.
Factors that cause brown spots on the teeth.
Among the factors that lead to the appearance of brown spots on the teeth, foods and drinks that contain artificial colors and dyes, in addition to nicotine and tobacco products as they contain particles that can stick to the microscopic pores in the enamel of the teeth, and these molecules accumulate with repeated use, and thus lead to yellowing Teeth, and smoke stains tend to get darker and difficult to remove over time.

Lime formation is considered one of the factors as thousands of bacteria in the mouth constantly mix with saliva and food particles to form a transparent viscous film called (plaque) and keep plaque levels under control with brushing and flossing, but failure to maintain oral hygiene leads to plaque hardening to a more permanent layer referred to as lime Once lime is formed, it can only be removed by a professional dentist, regardless of poor oral health.

Also among the factors is aging - as people age, works to degrade the white enamel, which slowly protects the teeth, and reveals the layers of yellow ivory beneath them. This natural process can lead to brown-yellow spots. Some medications cause discoloration of the teeth, especially tetracycline, glybenklamide (Glenaz), chlorhexidine.

How to get rid of brown stains on the teeth.
Use baking soda to get rid of brown stains on the teeth: This recipe is done by mixing baking soda and peroxide oxide together to form a thick paste and applying it to a toothbrush, then brushing your teeth with brushes to remove stains, and baking soda provides a peeling process while hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, but be sure to Do not use too much hydrogen peroxide as this can cause irritation, then wash your mouth with anti-bacterial mouthwashes to reduce brown stains, and then apply a tape to whiten the teeth on your teeth once a week, and continue for up to 30 minutes.

Using apple cider vinegar to get rid of brown stains on the teeth:
Apple cider vinegar works effectively as a natural antibiotic and cleaner for periodontal teeth, and is especially useful for removing coffee and nicotine stains (smoking) as it contains compounds, including acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes, that kill germs (dangerous "bad" bacteria) At the same time, it promotes the growth of beneficial “good” bacteria, because it is naturally acidic, as it helps remove plaque or other substances adhering to the teeth, and the pH of apple cider vinegar can remove stains from your teeth, which helps to whiten your teeth naturally and safely.

Lemon peel to get rid of brown stains on the teeth:
Lemon peels are used to whiten teeth and remove yellow stains resulting from smoking or excessive consumption of coffee and tea, which is an effective and safe method. It is accomplished by bringing lemon peels and rubbing them on your teeth well for a minute, then wash your mouth well with water or hydrogen peroxide. For best results, it is advised. Using this recipe 3 times a week.

Active charcoal to get rid of brown stains on the teeth:
Active charcoal is an absorbent product that is used to lock toxins inside the body, and may help whiten your teeth, by absorbing the plaque that causes your teeth to be decayed. To naturally whiten your teeth with charcoal, you must moisturize a toothbrush and dip it in the active charcoal powder and then brush your teeth as usual, then rinse your mouth well with rinse with water several times and for best results, and brush your teeth with active charcoal two to three times a week .

Prevention of stains evident on the teeth.
Brown stains can be prevented through good hygiene, including flossing once a day, by brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes a day, mouth with water and brushing teeth after eating, and use fluoride-based mouthwashes daily, no This is recommended for children under 6 years of age.

You should visit the dentist at least twice a year to get dental cleaning, stop using nicotine or tobacco products, and avoid excessive consumption of sugary foods and foods containing artificial colors, not to overindicate coffee and tea.

Eat foods that may prevent tooth discoloration such as leafy vegetables, such as turnip, spinach, broccoli, cheeses, and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, such as apples, peaches, pears, and celery, and foods rich in antioxidants, including carrots, ginger, and garlic.