The best natural body scrubThe best natural body scrub

There are many natural exfoliants of the body, including salt, where salt is one of the best natural exfoliant of the skin, and is used after taking a warm bath by rubbing the skin in an excessive amount for ten minutes, and then wash the body with warm water, and sugar is also one of the natural exfoliant This is done by mixing two tablespoons of sugar, with a quarter teaspoon of chamomile oil, and a quarter cup of olive oil, and massage the body in circular movements once a week until the desired result is obtained.

Scrub the kiwi and sugar, and it requires you to prepare half a grain of kiwi and a tablespoon of brown sugar, to prepare it follow the following: Mash half of the kiwi grain and then add brown sugar, mix them together and then massage your skin with this mixture and invite for a quarter of an hour, then wash it with lukewarm water, There is an oatmeal for the body consists of half a cup of oatmeal, half a cup of mashed tomatoes, one tablespoon of yoghurt, and two tablespoons of lemon juice and honey, and the method of preparation is by mixing the oatmeal, mashed tomatoes, and lemon juice Good in deep pot And then add yogurt and honey, stirring continuously until homogeneous mixture components have become a dense texture, to be added after a few drops of rose water until you have a good strength.

Grapefruit is a natural peel of the body, and you are mixing a quarter cup of fresh grapefruit juice with two tablespoons of coconut oil, four tablespoons of coarse sugar, and a tablespoon of grapefruit seed oil, and rub the body mixture once every three Days, as well as bananas, are mashed a grain of ripe bananas with a quarter teaspoon of vanilla, and three tablespoons of sugar, placed on the body with rubbing in a circular motion, then wash the body with warm water.

Coffee is an important and effective peeler, and is mixing sufficient amounts of coffee, sugar, and lavender oil until a mixture can be spread on the body, then rubbed lightly for ten minutes, in addition to strawberries, strawberries are mashed with honey, and placed directly on The body except for the knee and elbows; Lepis is effective in this area, leaving five minutes before washing the desired area.

This type of sugar has a double effect in peeling due to its roughness.It is recommended to put a little water on it before the body rubbed it, cinnamon and ginger, where put a tablespoon of cinnamon, with a glass of coarse salt, and a tablespoon of fresh ginger and a cup of Almond oil, and rub the body mixture during bathing after the entire body was washed with warm water in circular motions, for five minutes or more as required by the body.
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