There are many ways in which acne is treated, where you can at first protect ourselves from these pills, by avoiding cosmetics and creams used to protect from the sun, it is not recommended to repeatedly clean the skin and wash it with soap and strong cleansers, but wash your face with a cleanser Moderately appropriate.

For the treatment of acne advised to keep calm, and away from the causes of tension and excess nervousness, and do some sports and eat some foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron and zinc, and not to eat foods that contain carbohydrates and fats. When there are clearly reddish areas on the skin, whether in the face or otherwise, we put ice on these areas to reduce the severity of inflammation.

Masks that are homemade can be used in the house in which the preparation of natural materials, which help in the mitigation of grains, and can be used sulfur, as it contains a large amount of sulfur, which contributes to the reduction of grain.

In addition, it is advisable to consult a specialist dermatologist, who gives us the appropriate medications for these pesky pills, as the hair and pillow are washed frequently, and do not use a cotton swab to wash your face; , Such as lemon juice, orange peel, honey, drink plenty of water, starches such as oats, apple cider vinegar, raw potatoes, garlic.
There are also topical treatments, which are creams and emulsions to treat acne or acne, which works to dry the milky juice and oils, help to eliminate germs, and stimulate the fall of dead skin cells. Non-prescription preparations are generally soft and contain active substances such as benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resortzinol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. These substances are effective when pimples are mild.

There are additional ways to prevent the re-emergence of acne by washing the exposed areas twice a day, and the use of anti-acne medications that can be purchased over the counter, in order to dry the excess milky juice in the skin, and avoid the use of cosmetics (make-up) and remove these powders before bed, Wear broad, non-stick clothing, and take a bath after exercise or other physical activity
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