For a smooth skin, you should follow some changes and improvements to the daily routine of skin care, by using a suitable lotion daily, where it is recommended to wash the skin at least once a day, through the use of products suitable for the type of skin, and can be used for different skin products Use a gentle cleanser, use a suitable moisturizer after washing the face with a cleanser, and drink plenty of water to get moisture.Moisturizing the body is beneficial for the health and appearance of the skin.Use a soft sponge or cloth to the face to avoid damage to sensitive facial skin. She was skinned Sensitive Bathing should be reduced so that it is not on a daily basis, in order to allow natural oils in the face to nourish the skin.

Moisturizing products are used, where moisturizing products suitable for skin type and age should be used, taking into account the change of products from time to time if the product does not suit the body, where the body can change, and this can occur with different age of the skin, and different needs, be either lotion or Cream, it is recommended to apply moisturizing products before leaving the bathroom after bathing, because the steam-filled room increases the effectiveness of the skin moisturizing product, where the pores remain open thanks to steam, as wet skin is more receptive to moisturizing products, and should use products that target sensitive skin, whether the skin Sensitive or not h Aceh, because these products help the skin to feel comfortable.

To get a smooth skin is recommended to exfoliate the skin, the exfoliation of the skin helps to get rid of dead skin cells, and works to remove dirt and accumulation of oils in it, making it smooth skin, and uses exfoliation skin three times a week, if the skin is sensitive used every two weeks, and can be used Scrub the peel by making it at home such as, rubbing sugar, honey.

It is also preferred to use sunscreen for the skin, where sunscreen should be used when out of the house to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays, to get a smooth skin like the skin of children, and wear appropriate clothing to avoid harmful sun rays, such as hat, cover long sleeves.

A steam bath can be applied to the skin by placing the face at a distance of 25 cm from the water vapor, with the need to cover the head with a large towel in the meantime to collect as much steam to penetrate the skin, this helps to balance it, soften its tissues, and expand pores.

It is advised to follow a healthy balanced diet, and moisturize the skin daily morning and evening, and avoid tampering with grains spread on the skin; to avoid the spread of bacterial infection, and avoid the use of many skin care products at the same time, because they lead to dry skin, clogging pores.
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