There are many reasons that lead to the swelling of the body, including pregnancy, where the body in pregnancy during the production of many hormones that protect it, and these hormones affect the amounts of fluid in the body; it produces excessive amounts of fluid to lubricate the body in order to allow The swelling often appears on the hands, feet, ankles and legs, but natural swelling should not be confused with bloating caused by preeclampsia. Near the arrival of the menstrual cycle in women; where some of the women suffer from the accumulation of fluid in her body when near the arrival of her period.

One of the reasons is the swelling of the body.Take many salty foods that contain sodium too much.Sodium traps fluids inside cells and blood vessels, and takes certain types of medications such as diabetes and blood pressure medications.It causes fluid to accumulate in the body. Some serious diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver cause fluid to accumulate in the abdominal cavity and in the legs. Kidney disease also causes fluid to accumulate in the legs and around the eyes. a

Among the reasons for the swelling of the body, the diet does not contain the right amounts of proteins; toxins accumulate in the body, which requires the holding of large amounts of water to neutralize these toxins, and increase the secretion of the hormone insulin due to excessive intake of sugars, and increased amounts of insulin affect the amounts of sodium In turn, it affects the work of the kidneys, and sensitization of certain foods, where the cause of fluid retention in the body, in simple cases can be sitting for long periods without moving one of the reasons.
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