One of the most important ways to get rid of nervousness, to work hard on problems that impede the functioning of life and lead to anger, and advised to accept any chronic disease and not to reach a dead end, because this is the will of God; Come on patience.

It is also advised to practice breathing exercise deeply, which is one of the highways that reduce tension and nervousness, and that is by taking a deep inspiration and get it out at once at once, and away from all the causes that cause tension or nervousness as much as possible, and not to focus on problems but focus on solutions, Negative people, problem-makers and harm-makers, who exacerbate things and increase the tension and negative energy of others, should be avoided, and try to maintain a smile despite all circumstances.

One of the most important ways to get rid of nervousness is to think of others as no one deserves to be dealt with nervously; we are all human beings, we are all wrong, and marital jealousy can be replaced by marital trust, and this is done through the exchange of sincere conversations between the two parties to gain this confidence Suspicions of marital jealousy, and notice to the other party that no one in this world can replace him

In addition to sensitizing the nervous person about the badness of this repulsive and uncivilized nature, this can be by giving him some advice that is useful in the treatment of some of the situations facing him, and then gradually become his own way to overcome the cases of anger, and the examination to confirm the effectiveness of the adrenaline gland.
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