The fenugreek seeds contain phenol, flavonoids and alkalis that fight tumor growth and protect the body from radiation damage used in cancer treatment. The sweet pill reduces the body's risk of heart disease, because it is one of the sources of fiber-rich food that maintain the level of cholesterol in the blood and get rid of bad cholesterol, which is one of the leading causes of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

It is instrumental in the treatment of constipation; so that the sweet bean powder is a natural laxative, it helps to stimulate the movement of the intestines and stimulate the stomach to secrete the juice and produce bile, and address the swelling of the abdomen; It can be used in the elderly and children as an effective way to get rid of excess stomach gases, and to manufacture indigestion medications.

It has an active role in the treatment of anemia, because it contains amino acids, iron is very useful in the treatment of anemia; iron is a major component of hemoglobin, while amino acids help in the production of blood components and stimulate the production of hemoglobin, Digestion: Chewing sweet bean seeds facilitates digestion and relieves the mouth of bad breath.

It also plays an active role in the treatment of colic.The sweet bean helps to relax muscles, fight spasms and reduces stress symptoms.It contains polymer molecules that treat renal colic and contains essential oil called ethanol.

It is also instrumental in the treatment of high blood pressure, where the sweet bean is a rich source of potassium known as one of the nutrients and vital elements of the human body, which contributes to the calming of blood vessels and thus reduce high blood pressure, which causes the body many health problems such as strokes, Sugar, heart attack.
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