There are many herbs that help to sleep quiet instead of drugs and hypnotic drugs that lead to addiction, the person can not sleep only by eating, and these herbs chamomile, which is one of the herbs that help to sleep because of its soothing properties of the nerves, by drinking a cup of Concentrated chamomile in the evening, in addition to the tangerine herb, also known as melissa, and Melissa is a soothing and sleep-helping herbs, because of the chemical compositions it contains, known as terpenes, so it is recommended to eat boiled Melissa by adding 3-4 spoons of Melissa dry to each cup of boiling water, and take it before bed.

Lavender oil also helps to sleep. British hospitals use lavender oil to help patients sleep in the evening, as it affects the cell membrane, blocking cell interaction with each other, and slowing the transmission of the nerve impulse. It is important to pay attention to when buying lavender oil. Not all species are soothing, but there are stimulants like Spanish lavender.

The herb unites the passion flower, and the dry or fresh passion flower has been used successfully for centuries to treat nervous tension, anxiety and insomnia, as well as catnip, where catnip contains chemicals similar to sedative substances found in Valerian, and does not belong to the family of peppermint and taste tastier than Valerian. A cup of wild mint 45 minutes before going to sleep to take advantage of its soothing properties.

In addition to ginger herb, ginger contains 11 different sedative compounds, a useful remedy for insomnia, so it can be drunk before going to sleep. Anti-depressants, and marjoram has many benefits, including that it helps to reduce anxiety, and reduce stress, which is also calming the nerves, and can be used marjoram by adding two teaspoons of marjoram to a glass of cold water, leave it soaked for 24 hours and then drink to help relieve insomnia, The concentration of Mishra can be increased B marjoram by adding 6 teaspoons marjoram instead of two tablespoons to a cup of cold water, filtered and taken 24 hours after soaked.
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