There are many ways to lengthen the petroleum lashes.When applied to the eyelashes, petroleum jelly helps stimulate their growth and gives them a range of health benefits.It improves their appearance, shine, moisturizing, improves overall health, as well as healthy nutrition. To stimulate the growth and lengthening of eyelashes is usually recommended to follow healthy habits; eating food is what affects health in general, and eating iron-rich foods such as spinach, and foods rich in folic acid such as milk, and legumes to improve the health of eyelashes in addition to food Rich in omega-3 acids.

Coconut oil can be used to apply it to eyelashes in a simple way, by melting it with a microwave, using a mascara brush to apply it to the eyelashes, or making a mixture of coconut oil, avocado, and castor oil. Night after the eyelashes, and after a few weeks Shuf notice the result.

There is also olive oil, where olive oil is widely used to help lengthen eyelashes; it is one of the easiest recipes in the kitchen in each house; it is applied to the eyelashes using a mascara brush every night, and can also be applied to the eyebrows when you want to lengthen and grow .

Castor oil also improves hair health and growth in general.It can be applied to eyelashes for a positive result to promote their growth.This is because it contains vitamin E, proteins, and nutrients that include omega-6 acids. Apply it on eyelashes and eyebrows daily before bedtime, and observe the result within a few weeks.
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