Natural recipes for the treatment of gallstones

There are natural recipes to get rid of gallstones, lemon juice, where lemon juice controls the pain of gallstones and stop the liver from producing cholesterol.This is necessary in accelerating the healing process, as the lemon helps in getting rid of gallbladder pain and melting more cholesterol in water because it contains On pectin and vitamin C, this is done through, drink fresh lemon juice daily on an empty stomach, and then drink a glass of water after the completion of lemon juice and make sure to continue to apply this recipe for a week.

The gravel drink four cups of natural apple juice, or eat five apples as desired, as the apple has very useful properties in softening gallstones, and during these five days a person eating food naturally, and the patient can take half a cup of olive oil or oil Sesame, with half a cup of lemon juice, this drink facilitates the gravel descent and pass

In addition to treatments, take a small cup of radish juice at a rate of three times per day taking care to chew his leaves, and can boil the amount of celery root equivalent to forty grams in liters of water, and leave for ten minutes after drinking a small cup of it twice daily until Gravel is eliminated, and the flowers and leaves of celandine are used to eliminate the pain of gravel and remove it from the gallbladder, taking care not to give it to the pregnant woman and the advice of a specialist.

Flaxseed can also be crushed and then placed in boiling water, so that you should drink three cups of it on a daily basis Parsley is one of the most important herbs that help in the elimination of gallstones, by putting dry roots of parsley in boiling water, and drink three cups of it after the completion of eating Main meals, parsley can also be eaten by adding it to the authorities on a daily basis.
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